security checks

Mark Chisnall MD of Suffolk Automation is the writer of a regular technical article for Grain Feed and Milling Technology magazine. Below are some of the subjects that have been covered in recent issues:

Security Checks for your Manufacturing Control Systems

Controllers, Drives and robots have thousands of lines of programme and equal amounts of variables. Linked with IT systems controls can become vulnerable to security issues both internal and external.Click here to download file

Benefits of Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics

Proactive monitoring of equipment and control systems, can lead to increased plant efficiencies, reduced unplanned downtime and operating and maintenance costs.Click here to download file

The Importance of International Standards for Industrial Control Programming

This article is targeted towards the more technically aware but it also has an underlining message to anyone commissioning new PLC work - to insist on the use of International standard IEC 61131-3.Click here to download file

Electrical testing and inspection

Most electrical installations suffer damage and deterioration or alteration through their operational life, therefore electrical inspection and testing will be essential to confirm the safe operation of the installed installation. Click here to download file

Integrating control and information systems

In today's manufacturing environment efficiency and control have become paramount in order to maintain a competitive advantage. Technology is now capable of bridging different software applications to merge information and control from manufacturing systems through to resource planning and management. Click here to download file

Traceability in the Food Chain

According to the General Food Law traceability systems are a requirement in the food industry. All food and feed manufacturers are obliged to keep records for the 'one up, one down' supply chain relating to ingredients bought and products delivered including a record of processes in between. Click here to download file

Industrial Networks

Users, integrators and OEMs save money and improve information flow with a variety of digital networks. Here's a brief look at the networks, benefits and applications. Click here to download file

ATEX Reducing the risk of Explosion

Common processes that generate an explosive hazard include flour and animal feed milling, sugar grinding, spray drying of milk and instant coffee, the storage of whole grains and most finely divided materials. In the article we show how hazards can be avoided and automatic safety warnings applied. Click here to download file

Safety related control systems

Mill operators should be well aware of the importance of complying with British and International safety standards in order to ensure continued functionality of equipment and safety for users. In this article we show how full protection is built in to the control system. Click here to download file

The practical application of control devices

To face the challenge of increased demand for its quality flour and its own need for recipe based home baking products, Wrights Flour Mill needed the greater flexibility and efficiency that would be gained from modern control technology. Click here to download file

Understanding the PLC

In today's factory environment PLC's have led to far greater flexibility allowing manufacturing changes to happen quickly and easily, reducing the cost of change and the downtime of machinery. We describe how a PLC works and the benefits that can be obtained through modern process technology. Click here to download file

Beyond the safety relay

In the design and build of process control systems for the milling and food industries there is need for vigilance and accountability regards safety procedures and record keeping. Flour and feed mills represent a high risk environment and for historic reasons mills are often situated in older, inadequate buildings. Click here to download file