PRODIGY Version 8 - major new features

Prodigy version 8 combines all of the upgrades developed since the release of Prodigy version 7 in 2003. A comprehensive list of these upgrades will be provided with the release of version 8.

Major enhancements which will appear for the first time in version 8 include:

POW - Prodigy Over the Web

This new facility will allow any Prodigy system to act as a web server, providing real time displays and historic trend facilities to any PC running Internet Explorer. This will provide an alternative to the Prodigy Remote Workstation and Viewstation packages and will also open up new markets for applications which demand web access.

SQL Server

The inherent limitation of Microsoft Access database files is moving more companies to run SQL Server based databases. With no practical limits to record or database size, SQL Server provides a more capable and reliable platform for the storage of information. Prodigy version 8 will be fully SQL Server capable (license option, standard in Prodigy Complete). A simple 'one tick' option will allow you to chose between Access or SQL databases leaving you to configure Prodigy as you would for an Access based system.


XForm has been completely re-written for Prodigy version 8. The main purpose of the re-write was to make XForm easier to use, provide more control over a forms appearance and to accommodate the move to MS SQL Server for data storage. Forms can now include colour, images, dynamic value and colour update and enhanced links into Prodigy's SLANG control language.