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Inline NIR measurement and Process Control

Intelligent Control

NIR-Online process analysers are the world’s first pre-calibrated optical systems for integrated monitoring and control of organic and non organic substances during processing.

Instead of stopping production for laboratory tests on random samples the NIR system will analyse quality variations at strategic points throughout the entire production process from raw material intake through process control into final checking.

NIR -Online will give a continual real-time insight into product integrity and any variation above or below set points can be adjusted in seconds saving valuable time whilst maintaining product quality and providing detailed data to ensure 100% traceability.
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Laboratory and Control system

With NIR-Online you can accurately define and optimise mixing ratios in the laboratory. You can conduct small scales experiments for full scale production requirements. You can define liquids and pastes as well as viscous materials. Documentation is produced automatically and data from any current process control system can be included to guarantee the same production values time after time.

Values are calculated by means of spectral variation. Data from raw materials is compared with preset data in the database enabling customers to determine the ideal result of a mixing process. At the same time the exact conformity of recipe components both quantitive and qualitative are verified.

Manual sampling in the production process is made redundant, saving valuable time whilst consistently meeting the quality target.
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Advanced Thinking

The industrial quality of the NIR-Online stainless steel spectrometers ensures excellent reliability and gives 2 years of continuous operation without maintenance. Even with fast moving production lines the superior quality of the spectrometer enables accurate measurement. Installation into existing production lines is made smoothly without downtime and the innovative system can also incorporate a high resolution camera which measures even the smallest difference in colour, structure and size.

Software continually monitors processing in real-time enabling users to control and optimise production quickly and efficiently. Simple integration of measured data and automatic documentation guarantee complete traceability.

With Suffolk-Automation and NIR-Online you will always be able to meet the high demands of your customers. Place your trust in a system and company that will always support you from installation, training through to complete realisation.
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System Flexibility

The versatility of NIR-Online makes it available to many industries. It is capable of monitoring and controlling organic and non-organic substances, solid or liquid.

NIR-Online will measure and report on moisture, temperature, fat/oils, ash, protein, crude fibre, starch, ethanol, sugar, amino acids, PH values, colour, structure and particle size.

Industries that already enjoy the benefits of the system are; flour mills, bakeries, animal feed producers, pet foods, beverage and breweries, dairy processing, chemical plants, pharmaceuticals, waste management and cement and aggregate industries.
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