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Our automation services for malting have seen full control panel and software solutions implemented successfully for a variety of clients. The slow malting process can often present plants with unique challenges and demand for decent quantities of quality product make efficiency in both production and dealing with problems a necessity.


Examples Of The Problems We Solve

An example of the work we have carried out in the malting industry is a project using the latest PLC automation equipment from Mitsubishi Electric to improve the manufacturing process at Crisp, the UK’s leading independent malting company.

Crisp felt they were being held back by a legacy control system, which was controlling the speed that process anomalies were detected and responded to, therefore impacting the efficiency of the overall process.

As Group Engineering Manager for Crisp, David Spiers, explained: “The existing PLCs were becoming unreliable which left us exposed to the risk of long-lasting unplanned downtime events. For example, if we had a power outage it would take the engineers 3-4 hours to return the system to full operation, which with our production process and fixed delivery schedules to meet really wasn’t acceptable.”

To address these problems, Crisp got in contact with us. We then sourced new PLC’s from our preferred vendor, Mitsubishi Electric, to replace their six legacy ones. A FDS was developed and agreed by all parties. From this FDS the software was developed and on completion a full simulation of the plant was carried out at our premises in conjunction with Crisp.

We then carried out the complete changeover of the system, carried out over one shutdown period so minimising downtime for the Crisp by using a scheduled service window and completing the PLC control system replacement in just four days.


Working With Suffolk Automation

We carry out bespoke work for each of our clients, getting to know exactly what you need to solve problems and increase your quality and efficiency. We understand that every manufacturer is different and faces its own unique challenges, which is why we adapt our approach to each individual client’s needs. If you have an automation requirement for your production plant, please get in touch with us today.

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