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Our automation services have seen full HMI control panel and software solutions implemented successfully for a variety of clients in the milling industry.

These clients are often presented with unique challenges, and high demand for their product means that overcoming these challenges along with an efficient, high quality output is essential. This can be achieved through the bespoke automation processes that we offer.

The milling industry sees huge benefits from our full turnkey automation services, which include the creation of custom built PLC control panels, software, measurement and temperature control.

Many in the milling industry suffer from legacy control systems, we use our expertise to work with a variety of clients to automate the processes used, improving productivity, efficiency, and quality of product.


How we can help

We have implemented a range of automation solutions to solve the problems faced by the milling industry, gaining experience in every aspect of the milling process.

All of our services, from SCADA software development, to control panels and systems, to temperature & inline controls, can be applied to milling to automate processes, increasing productivity, efficiency, and quality of product.

Previous clients that we have worked with include industry leader Whitworths, their subsidiary Carrs Flour, and GR Wrights. These significant clients have all applied our bespoke automation solutions to their own specific needs.


Working With Suffolk Automation

We understand that everyone has different needs and face their own unique challenges, which is why we adapt our approach to each individual client’s needs. If you need bespoke control panel, software, temperature & inline control solutions for the milling industry, get in touch with us today to book a consultation.

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