Years of experience withPLC and SCADA control systems

Our software engineers have extensive experience working with PLC’s and SCADA/HMI based control systems. These control systems will include PLC software that we develop specifically for your needs after consulting with you.

We will then develop the SCADA and/or HMI software to allow front-end control of your new control system. Our systems provide a user interface for simpler control of your process plant. A PLC that is linked to a properly designed SCADA system will save you time and money, allowing for a single operator to monitor and control your processes.

The real time monitoring systems allow for remote modifications, troubleshooting, automatic report generation, and immediate knowledge of system performance. It also improves your system efficiency, reduces your labour costs, and increases the lifespan of your equipment.

We can provide a new control system to a production line, or we can integrate and modify existing systems to enhance their production information on many levels.


Bespoke software that is tailored for you

Our turnkey software services are tailored specifically to your needs. We work with you to establish exactly what you need to automate your systems and make your operations more efficient, and we apply this to the development of your SCADA control system. Once your new control systems are in place, your operator can start your process with the simple click of a button.

If you work in the flour milling, malting, brewing, or pet food industries, get in touch with us to get started with process automation.

We’ll work with you to establish the needs of your business before creating bespoke software to provide you with improved product quality, volume of product, and an advantage over your competitors. Find out more about the sectors we work within here and find our contact details here.

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